sex hwy signIt’s been days, weeks, even months; or it’s been so long you can’t even remember, so now what? Now it’s time to pull out all the stops and lay all the cards on the table, or in this case, the bed.

How do you really feel? time to have a heart to heart, and yes, if you are telling the truth about your feelings, there may even be tears, but if you can’t be vulnerable with each other, then who?  Ladies, to get through this, we have to lose the “men don’t cry they bleed” mentality. We cannot expect him to be hard, (no pun intended), during  these sensitive times because we are sharing everything right? This can’t be easy for him either,  so allow him the security of being able to trust you with his true emotions as well.

He has low libido, we now understand that it is not our fault, but that does not mean that we can’t or shouldn’t do anything to help. Because of the PC he may not be able to take much, if anything to raise his libido so we have to get extremely creative, I mean thinking out of the box creative.

My husband and I had our heart to  heart before trying to get to sleep a few nights ago, he reminded  me that there were plenty of sites that I could visit to brush up on some new ideas; at first I felt offended, but I had to back up and re-evaluate the situation and what he was saying. Guess what? he was right, I mean truth be told I had already been on some sites, but was too stubborn to admit it; because I was falling into that self-pity well and didn’t want to grab a hold of the rope that he was tossing me. Our talk helped me to realize that I am by no means a prude, but I could stand to be a little more naughty instead of always playing the “coy” role all the time.

Remember, even if we try something new and it does not work out, keep in mind, even the most experienced baseball player may strike out a few times before he hits his home runs and becomes world champion.

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