And Away We Go!

And Away We Go!

After studying cancer for decades we know what causes cancer,  so the experts also know but they are not saying because its big business. In this day and time “they” would rather teach you how to treat cancer rather than prevent it. Nutrients and minerals supplementation help our bodies function better and keep us safe, and if we are  not getting these from our soil and foods we do need to supplement. *Unless you and I are growing our own food in good nutritious healthy soil, we probably aren’t getting everything we need nutrient-wise to be in the best of health*.

Sorry to blow your bubble but eating certain foods don’t “heal” you  – again, there is no such thing as “healing foods”.  Foods carry essential nutrients and minerals (raw materials) which our bodies need to do its best, but behind it all is our body. Hint-hint, clue-clue; many people have “healed” some serious health conditions while fasting.

When we go to the doctors with a health problem we are happy when he or she relieves the symptoms and we pay our bill and go our merry way. However, did he go to the root of the problem – NO! Think of it like a short in your light bulb fixture, the bulb went out you call the handyman to fix it. He takes the light bulb out and puts in a new bulb, but the problem is still there. He treated the symptom not the cause. Stuff like aspirin, antacids, drugs, chemotherapy, pain-killers and a lot of other therapies and treatments just deal with the symptoms and not the root cause.

You wanna know the simple truth about healing? I’ll share it with you – all you need to know is your magnificent body is the healer. Add to that correct information, adequate amounts of sleep, proper digestion (good food combos), sufficient essential nutrients, and stopping and ridding your body of the causes/factors that began your ill health in the first place is the fundamental key to continued good health. This is what I’m making effort to do and advising you the same.
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P. S. “Diets rich in fruit and vegetables may reduce the risks of some types of cancer and other chronic diseases”  –  National Cancer Institute

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