Image Paraphrasing The Joker from “The Dark Knight”.

My wife was a nurse and would hound me off and on since 2004, to get a prostate screening, which of course I being a macho-man, it was out of the question. It wasn’t until 2008, when I decided to follow the advice of my dear wife Halimah and get a screening. I coerced a friend to get his as well and we went to a free prostate screening at a clinic. A few weeks later we were anxiously checking with each other to find out if either of us heard anything. Finally, on Thursday June 6th, I got my results in the mail. My PSA was 4.6. Nothing to really worrying about, sort of borderline back then, so I didn’t really get concerned. I kept going along with my same lifestyle.

However, in 2011, I started noticing I was moody, tired, irritable, urinating more during the night, my libido was low, and I mainly had no drive or ambition. What the hell was going on? I realized from research that  my testosterone levels could be low, but knowing that testosterone and cancer didn’t mix I would need to know my current PSA level before I took anything.

Back to the doctor. After finding out my PSA  was high, we scheduled a biopsy to be sure. Boy, it’s nothing like a biopsy to get you rev-up. Anyway, the day came and my wife is with me while the urologist is taking and making the twelve (12)slices from my dear-old prostate. Things were going slightly ok, I mean he wasn’t drunk, he didn’t have shaky hands nor was he causing me UNDUE pain and discomfort. No, that wasn’t it – it was Questions. Yes, questions. My wife had a nursing background and together we had researched stuff, but she kept asking these questions; and each and every time the doctor would pause or stop to answer her questions. It was nerve-raking, prolonging the whole procedure until finally I had to tell her to stop because it was bad enough feeling every cut/slice of my prostate, but to lengthen the time it’s being done was too much for me to bear. Get it over and let me out of here – ASAP.

A week later it was confirmed I had prostate cancer. Eighty percent (80%) of the samples taken were cancerous – 10 out of 12.

On to the next phase, how are WE going to treat it? My wife very much wanted to not only support me but play a role in the decision as this would affect her life as well. She told me from the very beginning that WE would deal with it immediately. She said so sweetly that she would rather have me growing old with her and not be able to really have sex than not have me at all. How could I respond to that?

I told my darling that she would have me and our sex life, without the surgery or chemotherapy, or anything like that, I already knew of several documented cases of people fighting cancer just by changing their diet.  So here we are today following a vegetarian/vegan life style, my wife was already a vegetarian, so she was very happy that I would finally join her, but scared and leery at the same time because she knows that I have a love affair with food and it would be an uphill battle for me. She also took an extra step to stop eating certain things that she loved just because she knew it would be too much of a temptation for me. So this is my story, here we are right now at the ripe (young) age of 58; updates to come.

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