IMG_0874We are here to let other couples know that they are not alone in this battle, we will be talking about and using our own personal experiences as examples. We know that no two couples are alike and not all experiences will be the same. The one thing we ALL have in common is the will, desire and determination to beat this dis-ease. So sit back and relax; feel free to ask questions, comment or if you want share your own stories.  

We want to get the message out, that there are other options available to us other than the  drugs and unsafe chemicals that Doctors are giving us even though most are causing more harm than good; AND studies are proving that alternative therapies work and have little to no side effects.  

Providing your body with total nutrition especially during the early stages of alternative therapies are helpful in giving your body the much-needed raw materials for rebuilding normal tissues as well replenishing  your ravaged immune system. This total nutrition includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids plus electrolytes.  For more information and to view products visit my site: http://www.nabih.my90forlife.com 




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